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Ama Amoah

When I first began training with Jill, I was impressed with her knowledge, patience and enthusiasm for Pilates. Her personalized classes left me feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the remainder of the day. After being sidelined with a rare autoimmune illness which...

Ingvild Sæther

Å trene pilates en time i uken har vært utrolig bra for kroppen! Bedre holdning, lavere skuldre, mer stabilitet – jeg merker stor forskjell. Ingvild Sæther

Toby McCann

I have Cathy to thank for reintroducing my body to its capabilities. In our weekly sessions she is constantly assessing the body and adapting her lessons to suit me. She is attentive to the unique needs of the individual and constantly incorporates new techniques ....

Heather Stanga

I was hooked after the first class and prior to my move back to Houston the studio Pilates classes became an essential component in my fitness regime. I attended weekly for six months and experienced a physical transformation in my flexibility, posture and core...

Lucas Mozetic

Cathy is a great instructor. She completely changed the image I had of Pilates. She helped me a lot to learn how to focus on the different areas of the body and the moves, which is now improving my posture and back pain a lot. Her passion for this activity has been...

Veronica Heinrich

I worked with Jill for a year and a half and I really enjoyed working out with her personalized sessions every week. Jill is lovely and very passionate about Pilates. Her instructions are clear and focussed on the correct execution of the exercises. I feel much...

Laura Sutton

I can't recommend Cathy highly enough. I attended her pre-natal Pilates class for 15 weeks and would love to have continued for longer, if the holiday season hadn't got in the way. Her classes have been a real highlight of my week and I wish the option to go 3-4 times...

Tip of the week – Pelvic protocol

Is your pelvis out of alignment? Curious to understand what a ‘neutral pelvis’ really means and how daily exercises can help you find this correct alignment. Watch the video for some tips to understand and start to practice at home and with us in the studio. ...

Tip of the week – Don’t risk your wrists

Cathy shows you how to protect your wrists on the reformer.

Tip of the week – Keep the line of the spine

Get your shit straight people. Learn some tricks from Jill.

Tip of the week – Heart Health

Cathy shows how running is good for your heart and mind!

Tip of the week – Toe Corrector Exercises

Our feet are our foundation and can’t neglect the value in keeping the muscles strong and toes mobile. Former toe model and now Pilates instructor, Jill guides through some simple and effective toe corrector exercises.

Tip of the week – Stabilize your shoulders

Cathy explains how the correct shoulder position will allow you to move with stability and strength.

Tip of the week – Kick some butt!

Jill gives some tips for getting the most out of the single leg kicks.

Tip of the week – Sit up Straight!

Cathy gives Jill some stick on the MVe chair

Tip of the week – double straight leg stretch!

Do's and don'ts for the double straight leg stretch! Jill offers tips to help you with the second exercise in the abdominal series. Just remember ... she'll be watching you!

Tip of the week – round over the ball!

Grab a ball and a mat and Cathy will help you engage those deep abdominal muscles in spine stretch forward.


Before a Class

If plans change and life gets in the way please let us know 24 hours in advance.

Go bare or slip on your Pilates socks.

Smile. You’ve entered a happy place … and the body releases endorphins when your lips curl.

Best to wear training gear that’s tight so we can see what’s going on under there. Baggy works just fine too.

Leave everything in the changing rooms asides from your phone and valuables.

Turn your phone to silent. Enjoy the headspace.

Gift yourself an hour to move and be mindful.

After a Class

Smile. No one ever regrets exercise that’s already been done.

Wipe down any apparatus that you have used during class.

Don’t forget your phone. 

Leave said phone on silent for as long as you dare.

Drink some water. More water. 

Leave feeling longer, stronger, happier and healthier … and try to stay that way until you see us again.

how to get the most out of your PILATES WORKOUT
  • CONCENTRATION. The mind-body connection is key to Pilates. For one hour try to forget about everything else in your life and let your mind truly focus on communicating with your body.
  • CENTERING. In Pilates all movements originate from the centre of the body, which is located in the pelvis, just below your belly button. A strong centre will support the spine and major organs, strengthen the back and improve alignment and posture. 
  • CONTROL. By learning to truly control the body we can achieve quality of movement both in and outside the studio. Having control over your body is hugely empowering.
  • PRECISION. Every movement has a purpose and sometimes the teeniest of tweaks can fire up a new muscle or create a stronger connection in the body. 
  • BREATHING. Following breathing cues can add a further dimension to your pilates practice. It challenges the mind while assisting certain movements. Plus it makes space to gulp in lovely fresh air.
  • FLOWING MOVEMENT. Movement can both change and heal a body. Start moving and keep moving by turning every transition between exercises into part of your Pilates dance.


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