lI love Pilates. It makes me feel strong and centred and in control of my body. By giving me headspace it also makes me feel in control of my life, which is fairly miraculous seeing as I have three young children and a severe inability to say ‘no’. 

For years I was a journalist who exercised manically whenever I could find the time. But a move to Houston and the birth of my third daughter changed that.  Faced with a severe diastasis recti (yes, I was that lady in the bodypump class the day before I gave birth) I was forced to reassess my approach to fitness. I had a wonderful instructor who both educated me back to health and fuelled my passion for Pilates. When she suggested I become an instructor I scoffed. Then my father died. He was an incredible man and an early advocate of Pilates. It made me stop, think and channel my energies into something that helped me while also letting me help others. 

There is something wonderfully empowering about sharing your Pilates passion with other people and seeing them reconnect their minds to their bodies and build a stronger, more balanced and healthier self. I see my own journey echoed in that of my clients and there are few better feelings than sharing in their success. When I moved to Stavanger I met Jill. She is a giver of time, energy, wise words and awesome Pilates knowledge. I feel so privileged and excited to own a studio with this lovely lady. These are exciting times.

How I got here 

  • A childhood of sport including captaining the West of England hockey team
  • A History degree from Cambridge University and a masters in The History of Design from The Royal College of Art
  • A 15-year career as a journalist and author of 4 books
  • A lovely supportive husband and family
  • Peak Pilates Level III certification 
  • Pre-and Post Natal  certification from The Centre for Women’s Fitness
  • Bbarreless certification combining dance with pilates
  • An instructor at Club Westside, Houston and a home studio owner and instructor at The House of Movement in Stavanger.
  • Advanced Post Natal and Wellness Practitioner, Level 2 with Burrell Education
  • Advanced Pre Natal and Wellness Practitioner, Level 2 with Burrell Education
  • Post Natal Nutrition with Burrell Education
  • Diastasis Rectus Abdominis & the Implications for Low Back and Pelvic Health with Diane Lee
  • Pelvic Flow and Freedom course with Burrell Education 
  • Anatomy Trains in Structure and Function Online Course. 
  • Anatomy Trains Dissection Livestream (six 8-hour courses)
  • Anatomy Trains Restoration and Vitality for the Female Pelvis
  • The Fascial Pelvis, with the Fascia Hub
  • Workshops including:  Working with Scoliosis with Meredith Stephens, Breath, the New Science of a Lost Art with James Nestor, Can Fasciae be a Pain Generator with Carla Stecco, Balancing the Diaphragms with Julie Hammond,  Understanding and Working with Osteoporosis with Meredith Stephens, Upper Cross Syndrome Self Treat and Defeat This Pain in the Neck/Back/Shoulders with Jill Miller, The Birth Healing Summit 2020 and 2021.
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