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Ama Amoah

When I first began training with Jill, I was impressed with her knowledge, patience and enthusiasm for Pilates. Her personalized classes left me feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the remainder of the day.

After being sidelined with a rare autoimmune illness which left me with drop foot and intense nerve pain, I returned to Jill to begin a rehabilitation program designed by her for me situation and was able to quickly progress to my previous program. She has been instrumental in my recovery in more ways than just physical instruction, and is highly recommended.

Ama Amoah

Ingvild Sæther

Å trene pilates en time i uken har vært utrolig bra for kroppen! Bedre holdning, lavere skuldre, mer stabilitet – jeg merker stor forskjell.

Ingvild Sæther

Toby McCann

I have Cathy to thank for reintroducing my body to its capabilities. In our weekly sessions she is constantly assessing the body and adapting her lessons to suit me. She is attentive to the unique needs of the individual and constantly incorporates new techniques . She is fearlessly dedicated to the process of Pilates and with her years of training and discipline she helps the client to feel assured in pushing their own comfort zones . She approaches the body with a wholistic approach and is constantly searching for ways to improve , adapt or build upon a technique. I’ve been fortunate enough to have benifit from Cathy’s instruction in both a private/ one-to-one and large groups settings. She has the presence to manage a group class while making each student feel uniquely involved and that is a difficult task in groups settings. She surveys the room minding the structural, muscular and physical demands of Pilates. Because of Cathy , I am motivated to pursue Pilates beyond my personal skill set to one day possibly help others feel their optimal self through Pilates . Tusen Takk coach. You have been the best thing that happened to this mid-life, aching body .

Toby McCann

Heather Stanga

I was hooked after the first class and prior to my move back to Houston the studio Pilates classes became an essential component in my fitness regime. I attended weekly for six months and experienced a physical transformation in my flexibility, posture and core strength. After decades of running and competitive sports I have a mentality focused on exercise being about running, swimming, skiing etc. at an intense level and Jill worked with me to correct underdeveloped muscles and unlock tight areas in my lower back and hips, greatly improving how my body feels and recovers.

Jill is knowledgeable, motivating and the benefits of the private sessions are noticeable. I feel more balanced, stronger and a bit taller. As I get older, I will definitely keep this training as a constant in my routine.

Heather Stanga

Lucas Mozetic

Cathy is a great instructor. She completely changed the image I had of Pilates. She helped me a lot to learn how to focus on the different areas of the body and the moves, which is now improving my posture and back pain a lot. Her passion for this activity has been very useful for me to keep challenging my own limitations.

Lucus Mozetic

Veronica Heinrich

I worked with Jill for a year and a half and I really enjoyed working out with her personalized sessions every week. Jill is lovely and very passionate about Pilates. Her instructions are clear and focussed on the correct execution of the exercises. I feel much stronger; my flexibility has improved a lot and Jill always challenged me to work harder. I also love the professional atmosphere of the studio. I always looked forward to the next session because it felt good for my body and mind.

Veronica Heinrich

Laura Sutton

I can’t recommend Cathy highly enough. I attended her pre-natal Pilates class for 15 weeks and would love to have continued for longer, if the holiday season hadn’t got in the way. Her classes have been a real highlight of my week and I wish the option to go 3-4 times a week would have been available.

Having three children of her own filled me with confidence and I felt safe and secure that Cathy really knew what she was talking about. She makes great links between the moves and how they will be useful before, during and soon after the birth. That, together with a side of British humour, kept me coming back each week! I look forward to the post-natal classes once my little one has arrived.

Laura Sutton




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