Ready to train with Stavanger Pilates? Here’s how to see the schedule and book a class.

Step 1: Create a MINDBODY account.

You can do this in 3 ways:
1: Download the MINDBODY APP on your phone by searching for ‘MINDBODY’ on the app store. Available for both iPhones and Android phones.
2: Go to the MINDBODY website.
3: Click BOOK next to a class on our online schedule. You will then be given the option to CREATE ACCOUNT.

Step 2: Add your personal details.

To set up an account just add your name, email address and location then create a password. If you would like to receive text message alerts, please also add your mobile phone number. In order to book a class or buy a multiple-session card add your bank card details.

Step 3: Check the schedule

The full schedule can be seen on the MINDBODY app. Press ‘FITNESS’, then ‘BUSINESSES’ and then ‘STAVANGER PILATES’. On the Stavanger Pilates page you can find the studio information as well as the schedule and pricing.

Log in on the MINDBODY website, click ‘STUDIOS’ and then ‘STAVANGER PILATES’ to go to our page.

The full schedule is also on our website under the heading ‘BOOKING’ then ‘SCHEDULE & BOOK’.

Step 4: Book and Pay.

Your first mat class is free, but after that when you press ‘BOOK’ you will be given multiple options to pay for your class. You can either pay the drop-in rate or purchase a multiple-session card. If you have purchased a multiple-session card then when you press ‘BOOK’ the class will automatically be deducted from your session card.

To book a private session, duet or ‘party of three’ please contact Cathy and Jill directly.

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