I have Cathy to thank for reintroducing my body to its capabilities. In our weekly sessions she is constantly assessing the body and adapting her lessons to suit me. She is attentive to the unique needs of the individual and constantly incorporates new techniques . She is fearlessly dedicated to the process of Pilates and with her years of training and discipline she helps the client to feel assured in pushing their own comfort zones . She approaches the body with a wholistic approach and is constantly searching for ways to improve , adapt or build upon a technique. I’ve been fortunate enough to have benifit from Cathy’s instruction in both a private/ one-to-one and large groups settings. She has the presence to manage a group class while making each student feel uniquely involved and that is a difficult task in groups settings. She surveys the room minding the structural, muscular and physical demands of Pilates. Because of Cathy , I am motivated to pursue Pilates beyond my personal skill set to one day possibly help others feel their optimal self through Pilates . Tusen Takk coach. You have been the best thing that happened to this mid-life, aching body .

Toby McCann